Monday, June 30, 2008

10. La Vie En Rose (La Môme)

I want you to try, just try, to not love this film. A few months ago, it was just another film on my list of 2007 Academy Award nominated films, but now it is not only my personal top 10 list, but also America's top 10 list. This says a lot for a film entirely in French. The most shocking aspect of the film, however, is Marion Cotillard (her awards are listed at the bottom) who portrays Édith Piaf, the fabulous French singer who stormed through America. It is such a complex character, and Cotillard handles the role like any professional. The rest of the cast adds a certain feel to the entire film, including Emmanuelle Seigner, who plays Titne, young Édith's surrogate mother. Aside from the spectacular acting, something must be said for the director, Olivier Dahan, who brings fresh ideas into the overcrowded minds of America. And not to be cliché with an entire review of segues, but this film became the third top grossing French film in America (following Amelie and Brotherhood of the Wolf). This film makes me entirely speechless and is a very large step for musical filmmaking both foreign and English. This movie deserves all the praise it gets and gets my own, two thumbs way up for Marion Cotillard!

* * * ^ (three and a half/four)

::Academy Awards - Best Actress in a Leading Role (Marion Cotillard), Best Make-Up
::Golden Globe Awards - Best Actress in a Leading Role-Musical or Comedy (Marion Cotillard)
::BAFTA Awards - Best Actress in a Leading Role (Marion Cotillard), Best Music, Best Make-Up and Costume Design
::Nilsson Awards - Best Actress in a Leading Role (Marion Cotillard)

::Academy Awards - Best Costume Design
::BAFTA Awards - Best Film Not in the English Language
::SAG Awards - Best Actress in a Leading Role (Marion Cotillard)
::Nilsson Awards - Best Supporting Actress (Emmanuelle Seigner), Best Foreign Language Film, Best Costume Design, Best Make-Up and Hair, Best Original Soundtrack

RATED PG-13 for substance abuse, sexual content, brief nudity, language and thematic elements.


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