Saturday, May 10, 2008

History of the Awards

These awards began in 2001 by Curtis Dunn (C.D. Nilsson). Not much is known about the awards, being so new, but Curtis Dunn is a well-known movie reviewer. The awards have only been announced through mailing lists in the past and by word of mouth. Now, however, I have been chosen, by Mr. Nilsson, to announce the awards on this page! I hope to buy a domain and to start making this a larger event. Curtis plans to start broadcasting on radio, mainly in the state of CT within the next couple of years. Also, 2010 will mark the first year for him to choose the best in television.

"We like to make it more artistic than most. A lot of the time this means rooting for the underdogs."

Curtis Dunn was quoted, talking about what was different from his awards from the Academy Awards or Golden Globes.

"Many people have asked me what happened in nomination and selection. For the past couple of years this has been a secretive process, but I would like others to know about the fairness and notability of our awards."

He also reacts to some speculations about why he created the awards. He explains how the nominations were originally by a small group of avid movie-goers, tight companions and fellow reviewers, who chose the nominations. It now also depends on what other more "mainstream" movie critics say about the movies.

"We basically take a LONG list of movies and watch the ones that relate to each category. For example, if multiple critics say that "Movie A" has bad acting, we may skip over that movie."

Many awards ceremonies announce there nominees before Curtis, this helps the team narrow down who makes the cut. After that, a larger, more broad arrangement of critics and normal people count as 75% of the vote to who wins. The other 25% is back to the committee to review what big name critics say about the movies chosen for nomination. After that Curtis Dunn organizes these and then announces them through mailing lists and some small-town magazines.

C.D. Nilsson hopes to expand upon the awards and become more well-known within the next ten years.


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